Satanism in Ukraine

"Knightly Order of Black Mass, Devoted To Satan"

Created on territory of Russia. Supports close communications with American "Brotherhood of Black Cross". In 1992 it was open a branch of this sect in Kharkov. It has supporters in other cities of Ukraine, unites people from 20 up 40 years. In 1990 it was undertaken an attempt to legalize in Russia.

"Order of Black Circle"

The greatest authority in Kiev and Kiev area, has supporters in some other cities. It has 30-50 representatives of an internal circle (age 20-30 years) and approximately the same amount of an external circle (age till 20 years).

"Order of Black Cross"

For today its chief is searched by law-security bodies due to his fulfilment of armed assault. Order was placed in Kiev and had branches in Odessa and Lvov, but in the beginning of 1998 closed by itself. On its base there were created some independent organizations, such as "Star of Death", in which there are almost all men about 25 persons, age from 17 up 25 years; and "SA Order". In the lastest there are about two dozens of persons, age from 15 up 22 years, almost all are girls. They work basically at the territory of Kiev and willingly go on contact to other groups of darkness servants.

"Black Metal"

The majority of this music direction amateurs in different cities of the country consider themselves as satanists. The most appreciable group of such a kind is "Black Metal Mafia", which enters into a group "Satanic Terrorists", known also under the name "Norway Black Metal Inner Circle". In Kiev there is satanic group which has taken for itself the same name, as its colleagues in Norway have. It includes about 80 persons, age from 14 up 20 years.

"Slavic pagan movement"

Typical Luziferian association, has the centre in Kharkov and supporters in some other cities of the country. The ideology has anti-Christian and anti-Semitic character, recognizes force methods of influence. At the territory of Ukraine there are also following satan groups: "Party of satanists", "Legion of darkness", "Black brotherhood", "Black Order" and many of other fine groups. Except for mentioned above there are also some supporters of "Church of Satan", having been headed by La Vey, also representatives of "Set Temple" (San Francisco, USA), to which significant part of communities was passed belonging earlier to "Church of Satan". Besides that, there are foreign contacts from the side of Ukrainian servants of darkness with English-spaeking satanists. In total there are about two hundred groups, number of their members is estimated from 1500 up to 2000 persons. Only in Kiev there are about ten satan sects, where there are 250-300 adherents.
Natalya Bezborodova
17 января 2015


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