Scientology in Ukraine

Accordingly to data of State Committee on religion affairs, in Ukraine the centres of Scientology Church are registered only in Kharkov, Kherson and Kremenchug. Actually they are totaled more than fifty, mainly in east and southern regions. Their chiefs avoid publicity of the activity, as under religious environment disappears banal earning of "crazy" money. Simple calculations show, that only during one year as a result of illegal commercial activity of these underground commercial structures from tax services are concealed hundred thousand dollars.
In CIS there is independent from Scientology Church "Free Scientology Zone" (another name "Rone’s Organization"), which activity is coordinated by the centres in Germany and Switzerland. The members of "zone" reject any attempts of granting any religious forms to the Habbard’s doctrine.
There is special "committee", which coordinates activity of groups "Rone’s Org" in the countries of CIS. It has organized in autumn of 1999 in Sevastopol a conference of the "zone"members from Russia, Byelorussia, Ukraine and Moldova, and in February, 2000 has carried out coming of "Rone’s Organization" local representatives in city Shodnya, Moscow area. In March, 2000 officers of Ministry of Internal Affairs have established intention of Moldova citizen, Zemlyakov V.M., to organize in Kiev, in private apartment, rented for that, illegal paid couses "for developing of human intelligence". After drawing up of the administrative protocol about infringement of passport mode, explanation to him of current legislation rules about criminal liability for swindle and non-authorized commercial activity, he has gone away from the borders of Ukraine. It was established, that not having lawful bases for that, Zemlyakov V.M. tried to create Pan-Ukrainian coordination centre of followers of Habbard’s doctrine, thus carrying out of attempt to subordinate influence on authority bodies, finance-commercial structures, to involve teachers and students of higher educational institutions in activity of the group.
The organizations of Scientology in Ukraine continue promptly to expand at the expense of pyramidal marketing circuitment.
Scientology courses "for developing of human intelligence", payment for participation in which from the separate persons achieves tens thousand dollars, carrying out now in many cities of Ukraine. Besides that Scientology try to apply technologies of administration by Rone Habbard at industrial enterprises of Ukraine, first of all on those which specialize on release of military production: as it became known, the similar techniques took root by Scientology at one of the defensive enterprises of Kharkov.
In Kiev some elements of Scientology without mysticism are used as trainings for development of person abilities, increasing of his/her motivation to creative and business activity. These trainings are carried out by one of the first followers of Habbard’s doctrine in Ukraine, Yuriy A. Titarenko, who was trained under the program in Moscow Habbard Centre, and then has broken off openly his relation with Scientology Church, having convinced in negative consequences of its activity. He has based own public organization "Kiev club for development of human abilities". One of techniques, used by him, is technique "knowledgism", created by American multi-millioner, Alan Walter.
Natalya Bezborodova
17 января 2015


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