East cults in Ukraine

"Falun Gong"

In 1999 in China there were mass collisions of the adherents of a sect "Falun Gong" with bodies of public safety finished with arrests of hundreds of new-buddhists. The influence of ideas of this sect on Chinese citizens in Ukraine while is insignificant. Though in Kiev there are more than 3000 Chinese citizens in total, however number of local organization of the sect while is replenished, strangely enough, with extremely citizens of Ukrainian state. However sect adherents actions testify about their determination to assert the ideas by any methods, not stopping thus before fulfilment of offences.

"AUM Sinrike"

At the territory of Ukraine the doctrine of Asahara has received widespreading also, though in smaller scales, than in Russia. In 1994, only taking into account non-stability of separate authorized rules and sad experience of activity of "White Brotherhood", Kiev municipal government on religions has given up to Asahara adherents in registration of a religious community. Arrived from Moscow in April, 1995, missionaries of "АUМ" have tried, but unsuccessfully, to register in Kiev "Society on study and popularization of east cultures "URAUMG".
In 1998 in Kiev it was stopped infringement of the tax laws and realization under covering of a business concern of religious activity from the side of the management of the society with limited liability "Sattva". As it has appeared, its branches act also in Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Lvov and other cities of Ukraine. The chief of the firm, Vinnik A.M. were condemned in the criminal liability and is sentenced for financial abusings by Podolsk regional court of city of Kiev by 5 years of deprivation of freedom (conditionally) till an item 155\.3 of Criminal Code of Ukraine.

"White Lotus"

In 1987 the inhabitant of Cherkassy Skubaev V.I. legalized in native city club of buddhists "White Lotus" - branch of Laoss kung-fu school "Sha-foot-fan". The organization has the ramified network of branches in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Poltava, Kherson, Lugansk, Yalta, Dnepropetrovsk, Lutsk and Lvov. Outside of Ukraine its chiefs support close connections with the adherents in Russia, Kazakhstan and countries of Indochina.
For entering into the school the candidate submitted an application, where specified about own voluntary refuse from civil rights and freedom, and also asked to consider him/her as a property of "White Lotus". Exit from the sect was supposed only in case of payment to "teacher" of the significant sum of money. Skubaev planned to create political association under an characteristic name "Party of arian unity" and aspired to advance "his" people in the bodies of local authority.
After excitation of criminal cases against the members of this organization under clauses 80 (concealment of the currency proceeds), 196, p.2 (infringement of rules of administrative supervision from the side of persons having been condemned before), 222 (illegal carring, storage, purchase, manufacturing and selling of the weapon) CC of Ukraine, and also in connection with consideration in the Cherkassk urban court in the beginning of 1993 of a question about refuse in registration to the society "White Lotus", its Kiev branch has replaced the name and statute, having registered in Pechersk area of the capital as a private kung-fu school "Меу-Dam" with the legal address ar Grushevskogo street., 28\2. The inhabitants of Cherkassy, Gonchar S.M. and Babenko М.А. supervise over the school. The group exists at the expense of paid training of east battles arts and totals about 30 students.

"OSHO Movement"

In 1991 the supporters of Radzhnishe doctrine created "OSHO-centres ". Now at the territory of Ukraine there are some dozens of this movement communities work which do not aspire to official registration. At the OSHO centres it works the groups of meditation accordingly to Radzhnishe teaching, treatment on Reiki system and astrology work. Amount of the members of OSHO movement on today does not exceed a little than one hundred of persons.
"Trancendental meditation" (Maharishi Mahesh Yogas)
Maharishi Universities work in Kiev, Lvov, Kherson and other cities of Ukraine. TM representatives register their divisions in bodies of justice or create commercial enterprises. In Lvov in 1996 it was registered the statute of "Society of Vedic Maharishi Universities" as a public association. In it were included Vedic Maharishi University of Independent Republic of Crimea and Vedic Maharishi University of Lvov area. Amount of students of the Society is about 200 persons. In the Society the branch of joint Ukrainian-Holland-American enterprise "University of Maharishi management Ltd." works. Through two Ukrainian universities (in Kiev and Kherson) more than 5000 persons have received individual mantras.


In Ukraine there is administratively independent tantric religious organization – it is the community "Tantra-Sangha", which is based and canonically submits to tantric avadhuty of Russian origin, Shripady Sadashivacharyi. He was devoted and trained in India, and now lives in Moscow, distributing tradition of Northen-Indian (Kashmir) tantrists, which also is known as Rahasyakaula Samtradaya.
In Mariupol an independent community "Panchama Veda" works which is guided by tantric school of Kapalik with the centre in St.-Petersburg, Russia, except for it in Donetsk area there is one community else.

International Community of Krishna Consciousness

In 1993 it was created the Centre of communities of Krishna consciousness in Ukraine which was registered in 1995. In 1996 the State committee of Ukraine on religions has registered Spiritual academy of Krishna consciousness in Ukraine, certificate #60. Now it is conducted finishing of construction of school for children in Kiev. Besides that there are more than 30 charitable missions "Hare Krishna - meal for life " acting.
In Ukraine there are 120 students, about 5000 active adherents, more than 300 clergy, and in total - more than 40000 Krishna adherents nowadays.
Natalya Bezborodova
17 января 2015


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