Thought reform consultation, youth cult education preparation and sect family intervention work

Before a family is adversely effected by a sect or cult problem it must be prepared to educate their youth. They must equip their young people by becoming alert to how a cult recruits and gets the attention of their young people. Knowing what to look for or recognizing signs of a sect/cult is in the early stage of preparation for those who learn and attend this presentation. Surface appearances of a group can be very deceptive or misleading and it is important to ask informed critical questions. This presentation will include teaching your youth how to recognize group methods or techniques used to manipulate and control behavior and thinking. Sect or cult like totalistic takeover of the lives of it’s members can be traced to the misuse of absolute authority and submission that leads to abuse and personal devastation. Young people need to know how cults use fear and guilt in order to intimidate their followers into submission. Sects and cults impair individual personal freedom and identity. Young people need to learn that ceitain informed choices are needed to protect their rights and individuality.

Thought reform consultation is one professional sect/cult family intervention model approach to victims of mind control, psychological manipulation or abuse. My presentation will focus on educational aspects of the family sect/cult intervention thought reform consultation model. Formerly referred to as exit counseling that has developed into the profession of thought reform consultation in the twenty first century. Society needs to understand the family sect/cult intervention model and why thought reform consultation is needed in response to group mind control and manipulation issues.

Thought reform consultation is a voluntary, intensive time-limited, contractual information based educational process that emphasizes the respectful sharing of relevant information with members of exploitatively manipulative groups, commonly called sects/cults. We are sect/cult information consultants who provide the group member with resources to make a more informed consideration of their group. It is essential that group members be informed about the thought reform process and how it works.

This presentation will provide a model of the family intervention overview and intervention approaches. Initial family background information and intake and thought reform consultation feedback are explained. What factors surround the family introduction of the group member to the voluntary intervention? How does the family and consultation professional effectively relate to the group member. It is important to understand the phases or stages of the intervention and the group member’s responses. The educational factors that will be provided during the family intervention presentation. Informed decision making and critical thinking are achieved through honest comparisons where the group member understands the ethical nature of such an essential evaluation. Mind control and thought reform constriction needs to be compared with truly reflective thinking and informed decisions. The group member follows through with making self-determined connections honestly for themselves. This gives the family intervention restoration of true autonomy and ueibonal freedom from Lhe dutches of mind control. Recovery and healing for the group member can follow with a qualified support structure and understanding.
David Glenn CLARK
American Family Foundation Video
Advisory Committee, ReFocus
National Board Member, Thought
Reform Consultant National
Board M (Exit Counselor)

Повернутися до збірника матеріалів міжнародної науково-практичної конференції «Профілактика психологічного насильства і маніпулювання свідомістю та розвиток критичного мислення в молодіжному середовищі»
3 января 2009


  • Final declaration of the International scientific and practical conference «Totalitarian sects - a threat to the human rights in Eastern Europe», Vinnitsa (Ukraine), October 8-10, 2002
  • Protecting youth from cult methods of psychological coercion/mind control and encouraging the development of critical thinking
  • Considerations about Austrian governmental cult related activities
  • Developing a framework for preventive educational programs
  • Профілактика психологічного насильства і маніпулювання свідомістю та розвиток критичного мислення в молодіжному середовищі